11 Bra Brands Women With Tiny Boobs Obsess Over

by Jessica Thomas

The saying "the grass is always greener on the other side" tends to be overused, but I happen to think it applies perfectly to how women feel about boob size. When you're searching for the best bras for tiny boobs or the best bras for big boobs, it seems like it's much easier to find what you don't need than what you do need. The odds can seemed stacked against you when you're smaller chested, but luckily that doesn't always have to be the case. There are more and more bra brands out there that cater to people who are in the AA, A and B-cup range, and these 11 are designed to look gorgeous on smaller chests.

From legacy brands like Aerie to smaller shops like Dutch favorite Timpa, there are a ton of brands that design bras that help emphasize small chests and make you feel your best when you're wearing them. And with the holiday season coming to a rapid close, now is the perfect time to make a list of stores you know you want to hit during the after-Christmas sales. And trust me, this list is a great place to start.

Here are some of my favorites:

1. Aerie

Sunnie Wireless Lightly Lined Bra, $28, Aerie

This mall-favorite brand is popular for a reason — it makes it easy to find fun bras in cute colors that are perfect for smaller boobs.

2. Timpa

Timpa Duet Lace Underwire Bra, $32, Journelle

This Dutch brand, which is sold in the U.S. through Journelle, is designed for women who have smaller chests. Its demi bras are so perfect, and they come in a variety of colors (with matching underwear) for reasonable prices.

3. Meg At Midnight

Bonnie Bra, $117, M eg at Midnight

This lingerie brand is one of the few high-end companies that specializes in bras for smaller chests, and its sets are chic and delicate.

4. The Little Bra Company

Ethel Bra, $62, The Little Bra Company

How cute is this name? The Little Bra Company designs bras up to C-cups, and even celebs like Kerry Washington are fans.

5. Lula Lu Petites

Lula Lu Petites Lightly Padded Push-up Bra, $58, L ula Lu

Lula Lu is a great place to look for small bras — it curates a selection of bras in A, A, AA and AAA sizes, so it's a great go-to if you're looking for bras in those sizes.

6. Lily of France

Sensational Mid-Line Push-Up Bra, $16- $36, A mazon

If you're looking to boost your bust, Lily of France's gel-filled push-up bras are made for you.

7. Natori

Feathers Bra, $68, Nordstrom

Natori remarkably seems to be able to make bras that look good on any person with boobs, no matter how big or small they are. This Feathers bra is crazy popular, and I can see why.

8. Free People

Hours of Dawn Underwire Bra, $40, Free People

As someone who's more well-endowed, I can't count the number of times I've gone into a Free People and wished their bras would work for people with bigger boobs. This adorable one is totally calling to me.

9. Urban Outfitters

Out From Under Cameron Floral Bra, $34, U rban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is home of the gorgeous, kind-of-impractical bralette, and this one is no exception. They're a go-to for smaller chests.

10. Victoria's Secret

Very Sexy Push-Up Bra, $60, V ictoria's Secret

VS is on a roll right now, and I've been finding a surprising number of cute things there recently. And love or hate them, their push-up bras add an impressive amount of oomph to a small chest.

11. Negative

Essaouira Demi Bra in Black, $80, Negative

I love the simple aesthetic of Negative, a lingerie brand with just a few pieces.

With these brands on your list, you'll have no trouble finding the perfect bra for you.

Images: Courtesy of Brands