Rihanna Wears A Santa Belt Out In Public, As Only Rihanna Could

On Tuesday night, Rihanna was spotted walking around Los Angeles wearing a low key festive look. And no, she wasn't wearing an ugly Christmas sweater, but rather, Rihanna wore a Santa belt over her silky black blazer and boyfriend jeans. Because that's just what Rihanna does.

In any other season, Rihanna's Santa belt might just interpreted as a giant red belt of questionable proportions, but when wearing it around the holidays, it definitely seems like a Santa belt. I wonder if this was intentional or if all of the Santa images floating around subconsciously influenced her? I guess we'll never know.

Her outfit would've been truly great on its own. Her slightly oversized silk black blazer paired wonderfully over a light pair of boyfriend jeans and black pointed toe booties, but the giant red statement belt really gives it some pizazz (and gets people talking). I'm also willing to bet Rihanna could wear a Santa hat out in public and somehow do it in a stylish way.

Now, while most of us can't walk around while seriously wearing a red Santa belt, we can take some inspiration from Rihanna's festive outfit by either wearing 1) a statement belt or 2) a red belt.

Here are a few red belts, if you're curious and/or looking for something to wear to a holiday party.

This Calvin Klein One That Is Very "Santa"

Calvin Klein 2 1/8" Patent Covered Buckle, zappos.com

You have to be really committed to either Rihanna's look or Santa's look to rock this belt.

This Studded Red Belt

Studded Skinny Belt Set, $5.90, forever21.com

This little red belt is a nice way to bring the holiday spirit into your look year round without even really realizing it.

This Casual Red Belt

Topo Designs Web Belt, $39, urbanoutfitters.com

It's even long like Rihanna's!

Images: Zappos.com, Forever21.com, Urbanoutfitters.com