Did Olivia Wilde Cut Her Hair Because Of Melania Trump Comparisons? Her Instagram Caption Says A Lot

So many people in the spotlight have long, gorgeous hair. But it was tough not to spot the striking resemblance between Olivia Wilde and Melania Trump. Both women have been rocking the exact same coiffed mermaid look (is that a thing?), and it has sparked many a comparison. They were twinning so hard, in fact, that it may have prompted Wilde's recent trip to the salon. She posted a pic on her Instagram page showing off shorter locks, and included the telling hashtag "#nomoremelaniahair."

I'm sure she's mostly joking, but I still understand the actress's desire for a change. Back in 2015, Wilde told TheDailyBeast.com she was backing Hilary Clinton for president. So in case you were wondering her political affiliation, there it is.

It makes a lot of sense why the actress wouldn't be thrilled with the comparison — even if her hair did look amazing. Her new look isn't much of a change. Just a few inches off the bottom, and still the same lovely shade. You can tell she's loving be a little more "Olivia" and a little less "Melania." Take a look at her before.

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

As well as a comparison with Melania. (Twins, right?)


And here is Wilde after.

Definitely not a drastic change, but just enough to set her apart from the first lady to-be.