Easy Cupcake Decorating Ideas For Valentine's Day

From boxes of chocolate to candy hearts, there is no shortage of festive treats to choose from on Valentine's Day. But, if you ask me, it's the Valentine's Day cupcakes that make this holiday sweet. And, if you're looking for some easy Valentine's Day cupcake decorating ideas, look no further than Katherine Kallinis Berman and Sophie Kallinis LaMontagne, co-founders of Georgetown Cupcake. For these two, Valentine's Day is a pretty huge deal. "We always say Valentine's Day is like our Super Bowl," Berman tells Bustle during a trip to Georgetown Cupcake's store in Soho. "It's like the busiest day of the year for us."

Valentine's Day is a big day at Georgetown for another reason too. "We also started our business on Valentine's Day," LaMontagne says. In other words? Valentine's Day is Georgetown Cupcake's birthday — and you better believe the bakery likes to celebrate. This year for Valentine's Day, it is launching a limited edition Valentine’s heart box filled with — you guessed it — 12 yummy and adorable cupcakes, which beats receiving a dozen roses any day IMO. There are also some new designs to choose from this Valentine's day, including the Rose Gold Dozen — an assortment of 12 perfect cupcakes bedecked with everything from blush-colored frosting roses to cute messages stamped in gold fondant.

Feeling like going the DIY route with your cupcakes this Valentine's Day? Berman and LaMontagne invited Bustle to go behind the scenes at Georgetown's Soho store and shared a few of their go-to decorating moves, including how to do their signature Georgetown frosting swirl. Check out the video to see exactly what they advise, and keep reading for some fast and easy Georgetown-approved cupcake hacks.

Make Cupcakes That Look Like Rose Bouquets

Decorating a cupcake to look like a rose bouquet may seem intimidating. But with the right tools, it's actually really simple. Berman and LaMontagne suggest using a 10-petal rose tip attached to the end of a pastry bag. Here's what that looks like up close:

10-petal rose tip, $8.99, Amazon

To make the roses, hold the pastry bag still with one hand, and squeeze with the other. Starting in the middle of the cupcake, squeeze out a quarter-inch of frosting and pull up with the bag. Voila — you have a rose. Repeat the process around the cupcake until you're finished.

Use Rubber Stamps To Write Messages In Fondant

Head over to your local craft store to pick up stamps with fun designs and messages, but keep them in your baking supplies drawer. If you're the type of overachiever who knows how to make fondant at home, you can use stamps to imprint cute messages.

Make Your Frosting Extra Fluffy

Here's a pro-tip from LaMontagne: to make super fluffy frosting at home, mix together your ingredients like your life depends on it. "Even after everything is mixed together and you think it's done, whip it for another three to five minutes on high speed, and you'll notice a total difference," she says.

Get Creative With Your Cupcake Flavors

Start with a plain vanilla mix as a base, and then unleash your flavor creativity. Berman and LaMontagne suggest adding strawberries and champagne for something especially fitting for Valentine's Day. You can also add in dark chocolate chips, raspberries — whatever makes your heart sing.

Images: Courtesy of Georgetown Cupcake