The Best Food & Wine Pairings For The Oscars

If there were ever an excuse to indulge in food and wine on a Sunday night, it's Oscars night. And while any other night of the year you might have an ~anything goes~ policy on wine and food (you know your own heart and taste buds best, after all), an event like this is prime time to bust out some majorly impressive hosting skills. Luckily, it's a lot easier than you think — these food and wine pairings for the Oscars, brought to you by an actual sommelier, just go to show how easy it is to don some extremely fancy pants for this fancy occasion.

As Ashley Santoro, a sommelier at New York's The Standard with over ten years of experience in the field, explains, there's no reason for wine pairings or even wine talk to be intimidating. She encourages us all to talk about wine however we best experience it, and shows just how versatile wine can be across a range of foods. And trust me, the range of foods in this demonstration are TOP NOTCH (hit up Mighty Quinn's BBQ to experience the magic), and the wine recommendations are delicious and foolproof, no matter your experience level. Check out ideas for your Oscars night party below!

Images: Lauren Betesh/Bustle