You Need To Try This Tibetan Skin Care Line

by Jessica Thomas

One of my favorite parts about writing about beauty is discovering new up-and-coming cosmetics and skin care lines. When I heard about Akar Skin, I was surprised to hear it's sourcing ingredients from somewhere that doesn't exactly scream "beauty destination" — Tibet. The skin care line was founded with the mission of creating natural beauty products using organic and wild harvested ingredients, many of which are grown on the Tibetan plateau.

What I love about the brand is that it admits natural products don't always have the best reputation. Although using completely natural products is a great goal, sometimes the results don't compare to products with more potent ingredients. But Akar's products are formulated without water or fillers, so they're able to pack a serious punch even though they're not formulated with harsh chemicals.

So where can you get your hands on Akar Skin’s products? They’re available on the brand’s website, which is a one-stop shop for everything Akar. You can also get some of the products on Amazon, which may be your preferred option if you’re an Amazon junkie. I personally prefer to buy straight from the source, aka a brand’s online shop — I find the customer service is usually great when working with a smaller company like this.

Plus, how gorgeous are the products? Akar products are always packaged in violet glass, which keeps sunlight out and allows the active ingredients in the products to work for longer.

Lush Balance Toning Mist, $40, Akar Skin

This toning mist is designed to protect skin from free radicals and help smooth fine lines and wrinkles, according to the company.

Desert Rescue Face Oil, $90, Akar Skin

This face oil is ideal for hydrating dry skin.

Sample Kit, $22, Akar Skin

Not sure what you want to try out? Get the sample kit, which lets you try all six products Akar offers without committing to the full sizes.

Travel Kit, $145, Akar Skin

Travel often for work (or play)? Get the travel kit, which includes travel sizes of the toning mist, face oil, eye serum and lip butter.

Full Set, $225, Akar Skin

Want to go all out? Buy the full set, which will get you the toning mist, face oil, eye serum and two different lip butters.