'Vanderpump Rules' Jax Taylor Is Single & Partying With Tom Sandoval: Beware

Great (terrible?) news, ladies: Jax Taylor is single and allegedly partying in Miami with best frenemy Tom Sandoval. "What's the takeaway here?" you ask. Other than the "any friendship can be salvaged" life lesson, it means you—yes, you!—can once again saunter up to the SUR bar and flirt your way into the bartendin' lothario's heart. If you’re lucky (unlucky?), he might go so far as to tattoo your name on his arm! HOT DAMN.

A few months ago, Taylor and then-girlfriend Carmen Dickman went public with their relationship. It was kind of a shocking reveal, given Taylor's reputation. But hey, Dickman seemed to know what she was getting into. “Don’t get me wrong, he definitely has a bad boy side," Dickman told Radar Online back in Feb. "I’m not one to condemn someone for past actions. We all make mistakes. Right now we are in a great spot, and moving forward.”

“Could Dickman be the antidote to Taylor’s womanizing ways?!?!” I asked the universe. “Is Taylor a changed man?!?! Is Dickman’s hold on Taylor even stronger than Stassi Schroeder’s?!?!”

But before the Dickman/Taylor relaysh could really unfold and answer all of my inquiries, the relaysh came to an end. On March 23 (HOW DID I MISS THIS?!), Dickman announced their breakup via Twitter. Who dumped who? It was a mutual decision. The reason? Not provided. It’s tempting to assume Taylor did something shitty, but it’d be nothing more than an assumption based on what we’ve seen him do on Vanderpump Rules. And that might be unfair. And I'm trying to be fair.

So what is the fair thing to do? I guess we should give 'em their space, per Dickman's request:

It's also probably fair to laugh really hard at this:

500,000,000 points to Carmen Dickman for that one.

Image: vanderpumprules/tumblr