Rose Byrne, R-Rated Singer, In Talks For 'Annie'

Tomorrow, tomorrow, why can't you be Dec. 25, 2014, tomorrow? Because we wish the release date for the big-screen Annie remake was only a day away, based on the quality casting thus far. Though, in recent weeks, we lost the chance to see Sandra Bullock — secret song and dance star — sing and dance, we've gained a Cameron Diaz, and, now, a Rose Byrne, who, curiously, has yet to catapult into big screen leading lady despite breaking out regularly in fare like Damages and Bridesmaids.

But hopefully Annie will do the trick. The actress is in talks to play Grace, the assistant to Daddy Warbucks, played by Jamie Foxx. And, unlike some of her co-stars — like Oscar-nominated Beasts of the Southern Wild's Quvenzhané Wallis and Diaz — Byrne has already proved she has the singing chops.

But Annie's demographic has yet to see her singing abilities. After all, all of Byrne's on-screen musical performances have been on display in far more adult fare. Like her haunting piano solo in horror film Insidious:

And in Bridesmaids, with a horrible performance we can only assume was forced.

Her very, very R-rated single, "Super Tight," as Get Him To the Greek's Jackie Q alongside Russell Brand's Aldous Snow:

Or Jackie Q's X-rated, Lily Allen-esque "Ring Round My Rosie," which focuses on a certain type of sex act. "A lot of folks have said that this act is just for men," read part of the lyrics. "To them I say strap one on and let us ladies in." Female empowerment, we guess?

Of course, seeing how well Byrne melded into Jackie Q's character leaves us little doubt that she'll do the kindly Grace justice. So we'll let Byrne's co-star, Melissa McCarthy, share our feelings on the casting news: