Newest 'Godzilla' Trailer Promises the Most Dramatic, Intense Movie Of Our Dreams

While we await Bryan Cranston's general badassery in Godzilla, we can watch a newly released extended Godzilla trailer which gives you a little more context of the film, and shows us just how dramatic it's going to be. The reboot, which comes out May 16, is not your grandmother's Godzilla: The special effects, acting, and star quality of the film have been ramped way, way up, making this dinosaur film less campy, and more "must-see."

The new trailer gives us a look at Bryan Cranston's character and the heartache he suffers as a nuclear power plant collapse traps his wife. "Keep the doors open!" he begs, but it's too late and he must shut them to keep a menacing-looking gas from engulfing everything. He goes through a lot of emotional rage and it's enough to give you Breaking Bad flashbacks until the giant lizard monster pops out of the ocean and you remember this is Godzilla and has nothing to do with meth.

All joking aside, the film gets a really intense treatment in this trailer. You see the city being destroyed by tsunamis and monster alike. You watch panicked people try to escape. You see Bryan Cranston's true devastation over not bing able to get his wife out in time. So far the film doesn't look that uplifting, but it does look dramatic and intense, and most importantly — not cheesy. Check it out for yourself, below:

Godzilla on YouTube

Image: Warner Bros.