Hugh Jackman Reveals Who He Thinks Would've Made a Great Wolverine, & His Answer May Surprise You

On the heels of what would have been Heath Ledger's 35th birthday, the late actor was paid the ultimate compliment by fellow Aussie, Hugh Jackman. In a lighthearted and playful interview, the stars of X-Men: Days Of Future Past, including Jackman, Michael Fassbender, and James McAvoy, answered questions from fans of the beloved movie saga. Fassbender had asked Jackman the question posed by a fan, of who he thought would be an ideal Wolverine if not for him. While he was circumspect at first on just who he thought could fulfill his role, Hugh Jackman admitted that he thought Heath Ledger would've made a great Wolverine when he was alive.

It's a sad admission, because Jackman's comments are grounded in the excellent work Ledger had done in his short life. Ledger was such a talent and he so easily transformed into all of the vastly different characters he played — just look at The Dark Knight.

Other suggestions on who could fill his handsomely brooding shoes? Will Ferrell. Fassbender pointed out that he does have the thick mane of hair that the role requires. McAvoy jokingly added that they could call it X-Men: Blades of Fury. While Ferrell as Wolverine may be a bit-- ridiculous, the upbeat and good-humored chemistry between Jackman, Fassbender, and McAvoy is no joke. The three actors seem to have a lot of fun not only with their jobs, but with eachother, and that only bodes well for the newest X-Men installment.

You can catch Wolverine, Magneto, and Xavier in action below: