This Professor Just Got Seriously Pranked

We saw a lot of really amazing April Fools' jokes last week, but this one? This one definitely takes the proverbial cake: A bunch of students in a macroeconomics class at Aquinas College in Grand Rapids, Michigan pulled a fast one on their professor in what might just be the best April Fools' joke of all time. Here’s how it went down:

Unlike a lot of teachers, the professor in question doesn’t forbid you from answering your phone if it rings in class; on the contrary, if it rings, you have to answer it — but you have to do it on speakerphone. Yikes, right? But if you know there’s a policy like this one in place, it’s just a matter of brainpower to figure out how you can exploit it. This group of students, who may in fact be too clever for their own good, arranged to have a friend call one of them during class with a rather… um… sensitive announcement — which naturally had the professor regretting his own mandate. Here, take a watch:

Is the prof’s reaction at the 1:05 mark priceless or what? Good for him for apologizing when he thought the pregnancy news was real — and even better for him for the way he took it all in stride once he learned it was a joke. Bonus points for awesomeness, indeed! And as the Daily Dot points out, it’s not a publicity stunt or branded prank; it’s just a good ol’ fashioned April Fools' joke. Not everything needs to be corporate these days!

Image: Fotolia