‘Southern Charm’s Thomas Ravenel Is Running For Senate & It's All Very Disappointing — VIDEO

Southern Charm's Thomas Ravenel teased that he had a "major announcement" to make leading up to his appearance on Monday night's Watch What Happens Live, but it turned out that his announcement was not so major. Not so major at all. Thomas Ravenel announced that he will run for U.S. Senate... if current Senator from South Carolina Lindsay Graham wins the republican nomination. This announcement is a let down for a number of reasons. Here's five:

1. It Was About Politics

Yesterday, I predicted that Ravenel's announcement would be either about politics or love. I really hoped it was love because this guy has no chance of reestablishing his politcal career. Lest you forgot, he is a former state treasurer who resigned when he was charged with participation in a cocaine distribution ring and now he's on a reality TV show where he stirs up drama like the pregnancy scare he had with his 21-year-old girlfriend, Kathryn Dennis.

2. It Wasn't That Kathryn Was Pregnant

Should they have a kid together? Who knows, but that prospect would certainly make more sense than attempting to revamp his political career. Zing!

3. It Wasn't That He And Kathryn Are Engaged

This would have been more exciting. Anything is more exciting than a futile attempt to run for U.S. Senate.

4. He Isn't Even Necessarily Running

Ravenel said on the show, "I would love to run for the United States Senate. I ran once, I lost by one point. And should the current Senator Lindsey Graham be the nominee, I'm going to throw my hat into the ring as an independent candidate because I think the voters need the opportunity to have a choice." Host Andy Cohen responded, "Are you announcing with a caveat?" To which Ravenel said, "With a caveat, yes." Ugh. Cohen should've been like, "No one announces with caveats on my show!" and kicked him off. Graham will probably get the nomination as he has served as Senator since 2003, but still Ravenel didn't need to make the big announcement if it's not even an official announcement yet.

5. He Announced This Already

Another reason Ravenel didn't need to make this "major" announcement is because he's made this announcement before. Ravenel told The Post and Courier on March 4, "If Lindsey (Graham) wins the nomination, I will probably throw my hat into the ring." So we went from "if... probably" to "if... going to." That's slightly more concrete, I suppose.

Thanks, T-Rav. We'll be sure adjust our expectations accordingly for any future announcements you may have.

Image: Bravo