Adam Levine and Kmart Team Up for A Women's Clothing Line, and It's As Hilarious As You'd Expect

You'll want to be sitting down for this announcement, because it's just too good — Adam Levine has released a womenswear line in partnership with Kmart. Which is great news, because I'm sure that when you went to your closet this morning you thought "Wow, I have nothing to wear! If only Adam Levine would design women's clothing, because I have always wanted apparel designed by a judge on The Voice!" What? You didn't think that? Just me then?

Adam Levine for Kmart is unfortunately pretty lacking on the style front. There are the faux-edgy looks: awkward "leather" shorts, a t-shirt screen printed with 'REGGAE' in neon, tie-dyed leggings. Then there rare the dowdy: a denim vest, denim bermuda shorts, camo shorts, a weird sleeveless lace button-down blouse — clothes that one might consider "mom-esque," although I personally find that insulting to moms since mine happens to dress like an Anthropologie model.

Nothing looks particularly flattering, interesting, or cute. Which is unfortunate for women seeking affordable, attractive clothes and also strange since Levine's official statement says that he sought to design what he'd like to see women wearing. Apparently, he likes the ladies in denim suspender shorts:

My vision for the women’s line was to create a collection that I would like to see a woman wear,” Levine said. “I love a free spirit so I wanted the clothes to have a relaxed and casual side to them. It’s effortless and classic. And in my opinion, classic is never boring. I love a girl who can rock a man’s shirt with a pair of jeans. I always think a woman looks the best when she doesn’t overdo it. I wanted to have pieces in this collection that any woman can wear effortlessly and still look great.”

I'm glad that so-called "Aztec" prints are classic now. Quick, someone alert Calvin Klein!

Levine's line, while not particularly exciting, probably has a place in some thirteen-year-old's fantasy Coachella wardrobe. The collection launches in Kmart stores on April 10th, with prices ranging from $12.99-$29.99 for apparel and $6.99-$29.99 for accessories. Check out all of it ahead of time over at Fashionista .

Image: Jezebel/Twitter