'Game of Thrones' Renewed For Seasons 5 & 6, So Praise the Old Gods and the New!

As if we thought HBO would walk away without finishing what it started. In unsurprising but still great news for George R.R. Martin fans and wannabe Khaleesi, HBO renewed Game of Thrones for Seasons 5 and 6 on Tuesday. Unlike The Red Wedding and Ned Stark's death on GoT — we totally saw this one coming (can't fool us anymore), considering Sunday night's epic Season 4 premiere managed to bring in 6.6 million viewers even with HBO Go's Theon Greyjoy-sized fail.

So what does this mean for GoT fans? Two more seasons of gruesome and heartbreaking deaths — and some dragons, definitely a lot of dragons. The announcement comes after the final tally of viewings of the Season 4 premiere, which, including two replays of the episode, came out to a record-breaking 8.2 million viewers. (Surpassing The Sopranos finale in 2007.) Other than the obvious fact that Game of Thrones has become everyone's favorite show over the course of three seasons — HBO, like Daenerys Targaryen, knows that there's strength in numbers.

All George R.R. Martin has to do now is finish those books before the series catches up and we're all good. But more importantly, is Jon Snow ready for this?

Image: HBO