Your Favorite 'SNL' Stars Get Hilariously Sporty in 'Intramural' Trailer — VIDEO

Got spring break plans yet? Well, I'm ready to give you some great ones with the trailer for the SNL star fueled movie, Intramural . It looks pretty freaking great, and it will take you back to your flag football days. Don't have any flag football days? Take these instead. The movie, which cites itself as the "epic sports movie... for the guys who don't deserve one," stars Kate McKinnon, Jay Pharaoh, and Beck Bennett alongside Jake Lacy, who serves as the movie's protagonist looking for one last good ol' awesome fun time before graduating college. The answer? Flag football! (But of course.)

What's holding him back from flag football, you ask? His serious girlfriend (McKinnon) who wants to marry him. She wants him to cut out his intramural stuff because it's ceasing him to allow to be the adult man he needs to be. Aah! The age old antagonist to adulthood: intramural sport.

The movie will be helmed by Andrew Disney and will hit the Tribeca Film Festival on April 19. As said in the trailer (which, by the way, features a phenomenal crowd-rousing speech that includes a list-off of the Air Bud movies), is their last chance to do something that doesn't matter.

But you know what does matter (besides Kevin Zegers in Air Bud )? This trailer, which you can watch below:

IntramuralTheMovie on YouTube

Image: Red Productions