'Teen Mom 2' Might Get A Season 6 After All, Because U.S. Viewers Have Priorities Straight

Fear not, Teen Mom 2 viewers! The MTV reality show might live to see another season after all. What might've caused fans to fret over the show's future in the first place? Last month, RadarOnline reported that an insider gave 'em a heads up that season 5 would come to an "abrupt end." BUT! RadarOnline now says Teen Mom 2 will get a sixth season. Well, I'll be! According to their source, the show's ratings are too high and the show’s drama is too good. In the words of their source: "It would be foolish to stop filming now." And yes, stars Jenelle Evans, Leah Messer, Chelsea Houska, and Kailyn Lowry are allegedly still on board.

I've gotta say, this "they will cancel, they won't cancel" flip flopping is kind of sus. Yeah, the latest story sounds realistic (it's not like the source claims the next season will take place on Jupiter. Oh my god, could you imagine?), but I can't help but proceed with caution. Do I think the report is true? I suppose I might. Would I bet a hefty sum of money on it? Engh, too nervous. Would rather pass on the gambling and wait for official confirmation instead.

If there is a sixth season, when will the sixth season premiere? According to the source, we'll see more Teen Mom 2 after the five extra eps of season 5 air later this year.

Do you have anything to add, Barbara Evans?

Duly noted.

Images: MTV.com; afeastforhos/tumblr