Who Is the Hot Teacher on 'Parenthood'?

There's a new Hottie McHotterson named Mr. Knight hanging out with the Braverman Clan on NBC's Parenthood, and boy, oh, boy is he causing a whole lot of heads to turn, both on the show and off of it. Mr. Knight, better known as the actor Zachary Knighton, is the big ol' piece of suave hunkiness that's exacerbating the problem that is Julia and Joel's flailing marriage. (But it's kind of okay because his beautifully parted hair and hip glasses eases our pain.) And although Knighton might be a relatively new face to fans of the family drama, he's definitely been to the TV rodeo before.

In fact, when he's not making googly eyes with Julia or being an adorably sensitive person and helping Kristina and Adam start a charter school, he can be seen in quite a fair share of TV comedies. Check out some of the shows that you might have seen him on before:

1. Happy Endings

Knighton, who played Dave on the short-lived fan-favorite show, was one of the ensemble actors on Happy Endings. His character wasn't quite as, uh, educated or sophisticated as our Mr. Knight.

2. Life on a Stick

Life on a Stick might have had an even shorter lifespan than Happy Endings, but it had it's funny moments. Plus, once again, Knighton was one of the leading characters.

3. FlashForward

Okay, so this one is definitely not a comedy — it's about a group of people who blackout for a short period of time and see visions of their futures — but he played a character named Dr. Bryce Varley, and that's amazing.

4. Wilfred and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

He's also had guest starring roles on Wilfred — he played Wilfred's enemy, the mailman — and on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia — he played a "Random Guy" in Season 4 who was then brought back in the Season 9 finale.

With all of these shows under his belt, we can only hope that Knighton will be sticking around the Braverman dinner table for a little while longer. But whether he permanently becomes a part of Julia's life or not — no one knows what Julia is going to do with her newfound single status — we'll probably still get to see him help Kristina on her mission to save the city of Berkeley.

Images: NBC, Fanpop