Who Else Won MTV's Trailblazer Award? Channing Tatum Joins Your Favorite Emmas

While there have been many a trailblazer in the history of film, MTV has only awarded its official Trailblazer Award to three people: Emma Watson, Emma Stone, and come the 2014 ceremony, Channing Tatum. Now, there are a lot of awards handed out in this world that are a bunch of hogwash, but honestly, and somewhat surprisingly, the MTV Trailblazer Award might not be one of them. Although it's not an Oscar or a Life Achievement Award, it is awarded for something pretty inspiring: It's to honor a young actor who has boldly paved their own path in the film industry with the gusto of a true star.

The Trailblazer popcorn statue might get an iffy rep since it's awarded by MTV and it's only three years old, but hey, the three people who have been chosen thus far can most definitely be described as trailblazers.

Take a look at the film accomplishments of Stone, Watson, and Tatum:

Emma Stone

In her acceptance speech, Stone said that "the only thing [she] can hope that something like this award inspires is originality," and if anyone can be labeled as "original," it's her. She's been in comedies like Easy A, Superbad, and Crazy, Stupid, Love, and dramas such as The Help and The Amazing Spider-Man. And in each project, Stone has brought her own pizzazz and quirkiness to the table. Some might even say she's actually the original J-Law. Just throwing that one out there.

Emma Watson


Not many child actresses can be one of the headlining stars in a young-adult film series and make it to the other side with her morals and reputation still intact. But Watson has managed to become so much more than Hermione Granger, the character whom she embodied for over a decade, and has shown that she can keep up with the big boys and girls in the film industry. By the age of 23, she had already starred in the Harry Potter series, voiced a character in The Tale of Despereaux, starred in My Week With Marilyn, and shed her English accent for both The Perks of Being a Wallflower and The Bling Ring. You go, Hermy-own-ninny!

Channing Tatum

While he might be the oldest to receive the award — he's 33 years of age — he's taken the extra time to become a quadruple threat: An actor, producer, dancer, and model. And although Tatum is known for rom-coms and summer flicks instead of award winning films, that hasn't stopped him from excelling in the movies he's been in. From his breakout movie Step Up to Dear John to the fan-favorite Magic Mike, which is getting an awesomely-titled sequel, Tatum has shown that he's definitely not a one-hit wonder.

We guess the only thing left for these trailblazers to prove is that they've got what it takes to last, and we won't know that until, well, they don't last. But we've got a feeling that Watson, Stone, and Tatum are here for the long haul, so don't you fret. More Emma Watson tongue for all!

Images: SheKnows.com, Tumblr/RolePlayBuddy, Giphy