Michael Cera, Kieran Culkin, & Tavi Gevinson's 'This is Our Youth' Is Something You Can't Miss

Michael Cera has played many different roles over the course of his career, but in all of his characters, a few themes have stayed constant: anxiety, girl trouble, and ample drug use. (hey, we all saw This is the End). So it's no surprise that Cera is set to star in This is Our Youth , a Broadway play by Kenneth Lonergan in which his character acts worried, tries to seduce a girl, and, yes, does a whole lot of drugs.

This is Our Youth marks the Broadway debut of Cera, although he performed in the Australian production of the play back in 2012 alongside Kieran Culkin, who will also star in the New York premiere. Rounding out the cast is Rookie editor Tavi Gevinson, who showed off her acting chops in September's Enough Said.

The play, set in 1982, revolves around Warren and Dennis (Cera and Culkin, respectively), two disaffected, perpetually-high teens, who attempt to attract the attention of Jessica (Gevinson), a fashion student, with cocaine and money. It will begin showing this summer in Chicago, but will move to New York in the fall, opening Sept. 11. In addition to the all-star cast, This is Our Youth is being produced by Scott Rudin, directed by Anna D. Shapiro (August: Osage County), and will feature original music by Vampire Weekend's Rostam Batmanglij.

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Clearly, this is a production you won't want to miss. All who've seen Arrested Development know that Cera has neurotic down pat, and even at 25, he still convincingly looks the part of a teen. His co-star, Culkin, may be 31, but, like his older brother, he could easily pass for a 19-year-old. As for Gevinson, she's the only real teen in the group, although also the star with the least acting experience. Still, her affecting performance in Enough Said, as well as the fact that she seemingly excels at every thing she does (writing, fashion, interviewing, modeling, acting, TED-talking...), has us confident she'll impress. Her dedication doesn't hurt, either; to appear in the play, Gevinson will have to skip the last few weeks of high school. Starring in a Broadway production, though, is probably worth missing out on Senior Week.

Still, the three actors do have some big shoes to fill. Past productions of This is Our Youth have starred Matt Damon, Jake Gyllenhaal, Casey Affleck and Anna Paquin, among others. Cera and Culkin may have previously co-starred in the Australian production, but all three actors, as well as Lonergan, will be making their Broadway debuts this fall. It's a big leap for all involved, and hopefully, a worthwhile one.

And, if This is Our Youth does live up to expectations, perhaps the three stars will continue to see Broadway in their futures. Arrested Development: The Musical, anyone? Gevinson could make a convincing Ann (her?), and we're sure Culkin could find a place as Tobias or Gob. Sure, it may be a log shot, but don't lie — you want to see "I Just Blue Myself" and "Say Goodbye to These" as Top 40 hits, too.