Johnny Depp's Fiance Amber Heard Is Pregnant According To A Very Peculiar Source

Ready to start your morning with a rumor that might be totally unfounded? Those are the best kind of rumors! Amber Heard is pregnant and, weirdly, this is according to her ex-boyfriend, Mark Wystrach. This is either a lesson in why you don't tell your ex-boyfriend secrets or a lesson in why you don't have an ex-boyfriend who's mad at you and will start rumors. In a few months when Heard is either full on preg or not we'll know which one of these options is appropriate.

Wystrach spoke with In Touch — the place one always goes when spreading news that is totally theirs to spread — and said, "She's pregnant already! I saw her three weeks ago. Amber and I dated years ago but we are still close." Dude! Mark, what's your deal? Even if Heard did tell him she was pregnant and even if she didn't explicitly say, "Hey. Don't tell anyone," it was probably safe for him to assume that he shouldn't go to In Touch and start dishing.

It could be that Wystrach, who is an actor himself and was on Passions (Please tell me someone else remembers Passions!), just means that he saw her and thought he she looked pregnant and she didn't actually tell him anything. That wouldn't explain why he went to In Touch and it wouldn't make sense because anyone can look up a picture of Amber Heard from three weeks ago and see that she doesn't look pregnant.

So maybe he just made this up completely and Amber Heard isn't pregnant and he just wanted to make a little money from the magazine. Did you notice the way he used his real name instead of being a "source" or "insider?" Very suspicious. Of course, the truth won't be clear until we see if Heard is actually pregnant or she announces it herself. Either way, for now we can confirm with almost 100 percent certainty that Amber Heard is pissed at this Mark guy.