Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber Had A Romantic Rendezvous With His Protege & Her Mom

It shouldn't still be surprising that Selena Gomez keeps hanging out with ex-and-or-current boyfriend Justin Bieber, but with every ridiculous tattoo he gets or disrespectful deposition he gives, it's shocking anew that Gomez wants to be around him. Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber hung out at a Miami recording studio on Tuesday night and video of the incident (yes, it's an incident) shows that there might be a valid explanation for Gomez being there. In footage taken by TMZ, Gomez appears to have her eyes closed as someone escorts her up to the building where Bieber is waiting. She didn't know she was going to see him! It all makes sense now!

Could it really be that someone told Gomez they had a surprise for her, had her close her eyes, and then, bam!, the surprise was Bieber? Okay, probably not. But it's fun to imagine Gomez pretending to be pleasantly surprised upon seeing his face and putting up with hanging out with him for a little bit while coming up with an excuse for why she needs to leave.

In reality, Gomez appears to have enjoyed being at the studio and with Bieber and his protégé (he has a protégé, you guys), Madison Beer.

In photos, Gomez looks very wobbly walking up to the studio and was propped up by someone. Gomez is of legal drinking age, so maybe she just had a couple drinks and decided to go see Bieber...? Beer's mother was there and took a photo of Gomez and her daughter which is great because Beer is 15 and it's responsible of her mother to not leave her alone with Bieber — she could end up with a full sleeve! — but may have been awkward for Gomez if she actually did show up after drinking. The whole thing just seems awkward, really. It's hard to picture a doting mom taking photos of her daughter with Justin Bieber. He's not exactly a stand up guy.

Hopefully nothing crazier than what it appears happened because what appears to have happened is strange enough: Selena Gomez got drunk, stumbled into a recording studio, hung out with the boyfriend that everyone wants her to ditch and that many people want to have deported back to Canada, and had her photo taken by the mother of his 15-year-old protégé. That's not so bad, right? As far as Justin Bieber hangouts go, this one sounds downright tame.

Images: Tracie Beer/Instagram