What Your TV Binge-Watch of Choice Says About Your Life

Which TV show do you turn to for a good marathon sesh after a long, tedious day of living in the real world? Your "Recently Watched" selections on Netflix may say more about your current emotional state than you'd care to admit. After all, what TV we choose to binge-watch reveals more than just whether we prefer sitcoms or hour-long dramas. What does it mean if you press play on New Girl instead of Mad Men at the end of the day?

Without further ado, here's what your binge-watch television show of choice says about the state of your life.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

You want to feel better about how mean you were today.

How I Met Your Mother

You're still in denial about your relationship going south.

Grey's Anatomy

You refer to your friends as "my people" and think rom-coms are a legitimate movie genre.


You're a strong woman ... who's nostalgic for the days when Grey's Anatomy was still good.

New Girl

You need more guy friends.

Gossip Girl

You have never once been to New York City.

Orange is the New Black

You feel bad that you didn't sign a Change.org petition today.

Real Housewives of Any City

You hate-read articles on the Internet in the name of staying "informed about pop culture."

30 Rock

You consider "night cheese" a legitimate meal.

Twin Peaks

You blame your hometown for all of your neuroses.

Game of Thrones

You're feeling horny, but you've never figured out how to find the right porn.

Breaking Bad

You don't like feeling left out.


You actually live in NYC, and you want to feel superior about it. You also own at least one non-functional typewriter.

Parks and Recreation

You care about close female friendships above all else.

House of Cards

You ran out of episodes of Scandal.

Friday Night Lights

You're newly single and in desperate need of fresh eye-candy.

The L Word

If you're straight and single, you're going through your 'maybe I'm a lesbian' phase.

Sex and The City

You're feeling nostalgic for high school.

Freaks and Geeks

You have impeccable taste, and you don't care who knows it.

Adventure Time

You're stoned.

The Wire

You want to think about what matters.

Mad Men

You want to think about what matters ... but not too hard.

Image: FOX