Amanda Bynes' Mom's Statement About Daughter's Health Comes as a Surprise


Amanda Bynes has had a difficult year. Her erratic behavior troubled fans and her loved ones alike, and made people speculate as to what, exactly, was going on in Amanda Bynes' head. After Bynes' hospitalization for a mental evaluation, the actress chose to keep a low-profile until she was able to get well. It's still unclear as to what exactly happened to this actress in the past year, but several people in her life are looking to put some rumors to rest. Bynes' attorney came forward and said that, despite speculation, his client was not schizophrenic, nor has she ever been diagnosed as such. Many have wondered what could have caused Bynes' erratic behavior from last year, if not a mental illness, and it appears that her mother has an answer for us. According to her, Bynes was behaving erratically under the influence of marijuana and alcohol. Mom told Us Weekly:

It was clear during Amanda's difficult year that she was, indeed, under the influence — she was arrested for throwing a bong out of her apartment window, after all — but it seems like too easy of an answer for the star's problems. If there's truth to her mother and lawyer's statements, Bynes may never have been diagnosed with a mental illness or disorder but that said, no matter what caused her behavior, it's more important to note that she's on the road to recovery.

It seems that Bynes is on the right track: she recently posted photos of her looking healthy and happy while on vacation, a sign many took as the actress slowly returning to her old self. After the difficult year she's had, it's great that she's getting herself healthy — perhaps that's the part of the story we should focus on.