Juan Pablo Might Love Nikki? Maybe?

Ah, Juan Pablo, we meet again. What are you up to this time? Ahem. Sorry about the dramatics, it's just that when there's Juan Pablo news these days I feel like I'm encountering an old arch nemesis. We used to have some sort of confrontation almost everyday, but now he stays off my radar and only pops up when I least expect him. This time it's because, to the untrained eye, Juan Pablo Galavis loves Nikki Ferrell and this is based not only on an insider, but an Instagram picture as well. It's the double whammy of celebrity news proof! It must be true love for real, for real!

The insider told the magazine that Juan Pablo "has told her, 'I love you'" and added that "They Skype and text every day and are in constant contact." Hmm... well that sounds vague and meaningless. What about that Instagram photo?

Juan Pablo posted a picture of Nikki wearing scrubs that say, "Pediatrics... our patients are cuter than your patients." Lest you forgot Nikki's job, she's a pediatric nurse, not a weirdo who just likes wearing scrubs on the reg. The picture itself does not profess Juan Pablo's love, it's all in his caption. "Mi Catira @nikki_ferrell LOVES her JOB and thats ONE of the things I LOVE about her... #NikkiTheNurse."

Wait a minute! I think my old friend is at it again! He didn't say he loves Nikki, he says he loves the fact that she loves her job. It's like how I love how much Juan Pablo loved being a douchebag on TV. It doesn't mean I love Juan Pablo himself.

Us Weekly points out that Juan Pablo's love is clear through the way he emphasizes the word "love" in his caption. To that I have to say, "Have you ever seen a sentence written by Juan Pablo?!" He capitalizes random words ALL THE TIME. So often that I can't explain how much without capitalizing words myself. If "love" being captalized is meaningful, then what do you make of this?

Or this?


These two could very well love each other, this just isn't the evidence that proves it. Unless Juan Pablo feels as passionate about being a Hunter Hayes FAN as he does about LOVING Nikki, I don't think the emphasized words mean much.

I'll see you next time, Juan Pablo.

Image: Juan Pablo Galavis/Instagram