Disneyland's It's a Small World is 50, So Let's Countdown The 16 Best Things About The Ride

Alright, alright. So the slight mention of Disneyland's It's a Small World is probably going to get the cheery little tune stuck in your head for the rest of the day — "It's a small world after all/ It's a small world after all/ It's a small, small world!" — so, sorry about that. But truly, we couldn't help it. It's a Small World is celebrating its 50th anniversary and this Disney kid just can't contain her excitement. However circular that classic tune is, the ride is a childhood staple and it just wouldn't be right to let its birthday go by without a little celebration.

So, strap on your Mickey Mouse ears, grab some sunscreen, and secure yourself a medieval-sized turkey leg, because it's time to take a trip down memory lane. From the noontime clock show, to the way imagineers dress up the glistening Small World facade for the holidays, you have to admit there's something a little magical about this attraction repurposed from the 1964-1965 New York World's Fair. If the history doesn't get you, the adorable, cherub faced puppets certainly will.

Without further ado, here are the absolute best things about taking a quaint little boat ride through Disney's It's a Small World. Bon Voyage!

The way the line makes you feel like you're in Venice... if Venice was reimagined by Retro Tinkerbell

And when you're feeling a little impatient, you can marvel at the ridiculously lifelike topiaries throughout the Small World garden

Especially the Majestic Moose

When You Finally Approach the Small World Tunnel and Can Hear Whispers of the Song (And a few gusts of the blessed air conditioning)

And When You Remember Your Childhood-Self Feeling Like Such a Globetrotter

The Way The French Dancers Made You Want to Dress Exclusively in Fluffy Skirts and Bloomers

The Time You Fell in Love With All of the Strange Creatures from Around the World, like This Doe-Eyed Hippo

Or This Dapper Alligator

The Way You Don't Even Mind the Sudden Addition of Iconic Disney Characters, Like Lilo and Stitch in "Hawaii"

Or Simba and Pumba in "Africa"

And you have no complaints about Ariel being under the sea because she's nothing short of an undersea angel

When you feel smart for knowing what all the international postcards at the end of the ride mean

And when you catch the clock show just as you're leaving the ride

Or When The Disneyland Railroad Comes By Just in Time

And when the whole ride gets a makeover for Christmas

And the Way it Makes you feel like a kid again, even if you can't stop singing that damn song.

Image: courtneyinecuador