Emma Stone Loves the Spice Girls More Than You

by Mallory Schlossberg

She's a bigger Spice Girl fan than any of us! Emma Stone freaked out when she cyber-met Sporty Spice as her utlimate solo fan brigade continues. Anyway, now we love her even more. Someone let her perform in a reunion concert with them, please? (Can they have another reunion concert please? Please?)

Here's what went down: she appeared on the British radio show Capital Breakfast and was having a Spice Girl sing-off with one of the hosts — because that's what you do when you're Emma Stone and you're on British radio, naturally. But then — in one of those Great Celebrity Moments — she Face-Timed with Sporty Spice Mel C. You have to watch how unbelievably excited she is (and how Andrew Garfield shares the excitement, too).

There were the tears over chatting with Scary Spice Mel B. Then she showed us that she knew how to forge all of their signatures (hey, their signatures were pretty much everywhere on all of their products in the late '90s, don't deny that you didn't try to at least practice them, too), and now this. It's like she's on the ultimate fan quest, but hey; if it gives us more adorable video moments like this, we're totally behind it. And besides, who doesn't love the Spice Girls? They are a piece of nostalgia sweeter than t heir band's very own Chupa Chup lollipops.

You can watch the fangirl freakout below: