9 'Late Show' Bandleaders Stephen Colbert Should Consider: Daft Punk, Ben Folds & More

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When it comes to late night television, Jimmy Fallon has The Roots and Seth Meyers has Fred Armisen, so: who in the world should lead the band in the Stephen Colbert era of The Late Show ? It's a valid question, what with the status of the band leader being seriously upped in terms of ante and prestige once Questlove & Co. joined Fallon over at Late Night. And that, of course, got us thinking: who would make a cool, unique, and fun musical half for a Colbert-fronted Late Show? The comedian has long made music an important part of The Colbert Report and his auditory tastes truly run the gamut. But regardless of genre, all of them have one thing in common: they're cool and hip and decidedly un-Report-ian.

With a less satirical show about to be his, Colbert has the chance to really showcase someone awesome. The question is: just who is that awesome? We've compiled a list of some of our favorite picks for who we think should lead the next great late night band.

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