People Behind 'Game of Thrones' Are Making a Movie but It Will Disappoint Show's Fans

THIS JUST IN. Game of Thrones ' David Benioff and D.B. Weiss will make their first feature film since they started turning HBO into the glorious medieval haven that it is now. They're set to adapt Stephen Hunter's 1995 novel Dirty White Boys for the big screen, so basically it will be like Westeros, except completely different and a Western. So basically there will be a cowboy Jon Snow. (Swoon.)

Sorry, guys, I'm just too psyched to see these phenomenal book-adapters execute their skills on the big screen. I'll re-focus. (But isn't this awesome?)

The novel is about three violent escaped convicts and the authoritative law figure trying to hunt them down. You know that these two do well with moral crises and violence — and they're even better at making us constantly ask who is good and who is bad (hey, is Arya Stark evil? Or is this just an accurate depiction of the genesis of evil? Anyway, we can discuss that another time) — so this seems like a natural fit for the creative pair.

Do not expect this film to be a replica of Westeros, though. Benioff said:

For Dan and I, we started writing Game Of Thrones in 2006, and this book could not be more different, a contemporary thriller, but the characters are so well drawn that you become attached to them, good or bad, and you want to follow them.

But that's exactly the point. Whether or not we're geeking out over dragons or medieval details, we're fixated on characters' riveting plot lines and internal struggles. The turmoil that exists in the Lannisters — that supposedly evil, rabble-rousing family — is quite possibly one of the most enjoyable dynamics to watch on television. And consider the entire series one giant loop of people chasing each other and trying to hunt down each other down. Not to mention, this duo certainly knows how to execute blood and gore (and chopping off heads — you never know which protagonist will die next!).

And speaking of that, does anyone know what will happen in the next episode? Actually, nevermind. NO SPOILERS PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! NOT DURING THIS ALREADY INCREDIBLE FOURTH SEASON.

Regardless, if what we see on television is this epic, just IMAGINE how epic something these guys create will be on the big screen. Pretty epic, yeah? (And about that potential Game of Thrones movie...that seems like an appropriate thing to discuss now, doesn't it?)

Image: HBO