Prince George is Saving the Royal Family: How His Quirkiness is Keeping us Interested

The best thing to happen to Britain's monarchy since the Royal Wedding is the birth of Prince George. Prince William and Kate Middleton continued their New Zealand tour with a stop at the Government House to unveil Queen Elizabeth's new portrait. But we're still hung up how adorable Prince George's playdate was yesterday. As his parents are adults representing the crown, they therefore have to be pretty formal and professional most of the time. As a baby, George is exempt from this and he is playing it up like nobody's business. He's all kinds of sassy and spunky and that's great news for the monarchy because it makes people feel connected to them and care.

I mean yeah, Kate Middleton is wonderful and had the style of an angel, but Prince George? Forget about it. Automatically any time he is present for an event the family gets 192% more coverage. (That is a fact that I invented, but it would probably be true if stats were kept on that kind of thing.) Even people on Tumblr are confirming that Prince George has renewed their interest in the Royal Family. "I disagree with the concept of Monarchy on every rational level but Prince George is the cutest baby In the world and my resolve is crumbling," one blogger said. "I used to loathe the fascination with royals but Prince George is a damn cute baby. Oops," said another.

Prince William and Kate Middleton are lovely on their own, of course. But between portrait unveilings and visits to aviation heritage centers, well, they're just not that exciting. I mean when the parents venture out alone we get staged photos like this:

Pool/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

But add a squirming baby to the mix and we get lovely shots like this:

Pool/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

You don't have to be a photographer to know which subject is more interesting. Not only is he an adorable baby, but he has an amazing personality for such a tiny human. He couldn't stop flailing with excitement when they first landed in New Zealand:

And later that week he had an adorable playdate where he met the future love of his life:

But then she rejected him and he experienced his first heartbreak:

Look at that face. Nothing is more expressive than his little face. The walk from the airplane and a 5 minute video of George making friends have been way more exciting than any event Will and Kate have attended on their own this week. Babies make everything better, and in Prince George's case, he's going to make people care about the monarchy again. That's a tough gig for a tiny kid to take on, but like his dad says, "He's a little fighter." So we have faith in him.

Image: Tumblr/georgesus; Tumblr/princessestelles; Tumblr/darlingduchess