Who is 'OUAT's Captain Hook? You're Really Going to Enjoy Getting to Know Colin O'Donaghue

You've probably been rooting for Emma to get together with Captain Hook on Once Upon A Time because, duh — we all are. On Sunday night's "Jolly Roger" we're going to get a little backstory on Hook's wild past — and hopefully see him and Emma talk-out that kiss — but what about the actor who rocks Hook's signature eyeliner so damn well? There are a few things you might not know about Irish actor Colin O'Donoghue that'll probably just make you like him even more — or at least want to slap Emma for not realizing what she's got in front of her.

The shortlist of Captain Hook's talents on OUAT include sword-fighting, finding natural remedies to deadly poisons, being a good kisser (we can only assume), and making you feel so comfortable that you'd drink anything he handed you — including an unidentified liquid in a questionable vial. And those are only some of the things that the newly-reformed pirate brings to the table. See, Emma? You've got a real catch. We could sing Hook's praises forever, but what about O'Donoghue? I mean, he technically created this character, so we're as much in love and impressed with him and his fairytale alter ego. It's probably because he's an Aquarius — actually, it's definitely because he's an Aquarius.

But anyway, here are seven swoon-worthy and surprising facts about Mr. O'Donoghue:

He Started A Band

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O'Donoghue has been a co-founding member of the pop-rock Irish band The Enemies since 2003. He played guitar for the band, who released an EP in 2011 and has worked with GM and Coca-Cola, but had to bow out when he became a series regular on Once Upon A Time. His bio on the band's site reads that O'Donoghue "can be found swanning the seas as Captain Hook in ABC's TV series 'Once Upon A Time'." Swanning as in making Emma Swan swoon?

He's An Award-Winner

For his second, credited acting role in the TV Movie Home For Christmas, O'Donoghue was given an award for Best New Talent at the first Irish Film and Television Awards ceremony.

His 'OUAT' Role Was A Hit Before It Even Aired

According to O'Donoghue's TV Guide bio, the actor originally signed on for a recurring role on the ABC fairytale series. But before his first episode even aired, Hook was upgraded to a series regular. Clearly Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz know a good thing when they see it.

He Guest-Starred On A Very Sexy Show

No, we're not talking about HBO's Game of Thrones. In 2009, O'Donoghue guest starred on the Showtime series The Tudors as Duke Philip of Bavaria. His one-episode stint on the series caught the eye of a Los Angeles agent and the rest is history. It must be exhausting to be so naturally charming that you've got people's attention on the other side of the world.

He's Starred Alongside Hannibal Lecter

In 2011, O'Donoghue starred alongside Hollywood legend Anthony Hopkins in The Rite. The dramatic horror film about an American seminary student that travels to Italy to take a course on exorcism ended up being a flop. But his role in the film was his Hollywood debut and shortly after, he landed OUAT — so The Rite can't be all bad.

He Does His Homework

For his role as the aforementioned American seminary student with an interest in exorcism studies, O'Donoghue actually traveled to Rome to research for the role, where he sat in on real life exorcisms. Talk about hardcore.

He's A Theatre School Graduate

O'Donoghue went to the Gaiety School of Acting in Dublin, Ireland. The actor's early career was split between performing on stage and in front of the camera, while he acted in a handful of plays including Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew and Othello .

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