What Do Cats Think of Magic? Not Much

A few weeks ago, we all learned a valuable lesson about how dogs respond to magic tricks. Short answer: Adorably. But after watching the entirely too cute video in which our canine friends search for a magically vanished treat in befuddlement, some people were left wondering: how would cats react?

If you were one of those people, then wonder no more! One of the good magicians of Penguin Magic decided to show off some magic tricks to a few feline volunteers, and it turns out that cats...well...they're too cool for magic.

To be fair, some of this can be put down to the fact that I'm not sure some of the tricks showcased in the video would be comprehensible or interesting to any pet. Unlike the original dogs and magic video, in which the magician disappeared a dog treat, this video features a variety of tricks, like magically producing cards from thin air, that probably wouldn't be that impressive to a dog either. Also a trick in which a foam ball changes colors — aren't cats partially color blind?

Still, you'd think that a cat would care about a foam ball vanishing since presumably that would be something they could play with.

But alas, it seems that cats are hilariously far above all this nonsense. And we love them anyway.