How To Watch The Final Season of 'Mad Men' Online & On Demand

After almost a year of waiting, it's finally here. The final season of Mad Men premieres Sunday, April 14 at 10 PM ET on AMC. You can be sure this writer will have her keister parked in front of the television to watch Draper & company lurch towards the uncertain '70s. But what if you have to get to bed early or worse, don't have cable? Have no fear, we've compiled where you can get caught up on or by Monday morning.

The beloved show's final season will be split into two half-seasons, "The Beginning" and "The End of an Era". The premiere and subsequent episodes will answer some of our most burning questions: As people drop in and out, how many more name changes will Sterling Cooper & Partners go through? Are those theories about Megan being a stand-in for Sharon Tate true? Finally, and perhaps most importantly, as the world changes around him, how will quintessential '60s man Don Draper move into the age of disco?

The beginning of Season 6 had Draper reading from Dante's Inferno. If the final season continues to parallel The Divine Comedy, that could very well mean the two half-seasons will take us both to Purgatorio and Paradiso. At the end of Season 6, Draper was uncertain about moving to the West Coast. If he changes his mind about the Golden State once more, will California be his paradise, or a purgatory as his secrets catch up with him? Don't miss out just because you have to get up early Monday morning or feel guilty if you spend the night on another kind of, er, recreation. If we don't judge Peggy for it, we won't judge you for it either.

Go Straight to the Source: AMC

Look no further than the direct source. features new episodes as well as select older ones for free stream. You'll have to be fast to catch them here: episodes are pulled and replaced with new ones every few days.

Carry It With You, Where Ever You May Go

Purchase a standard definition season pass for $22.99 or spring for full high defintion at $34.99. Individual episodes are available, but historically the pricing varies, from $1.99 to $5.99, with some episodes only being season pass exclusives.

Amazon's pricing is the same as iTunes for its season pass, but with a clearer episodic structure: $1.99 for standard definition and $2.99 for HD.

Google Play has the best HD bang for your buck, netting you a high definition season pass for $22.99. You can watch your newly acquired season on any HD enabled device through the Google Play Movies & TV app or through your browser via

Order's Up... On Your Cable Box

Want to watch on an actual television screen instead of a cell phone or iPad? Cable and dish services have got you covered. Time Warner, Comcast's XFinity, and DirecTV all offer the series in HD through their video on demand services, usually by the morning after the episode airs.

And If You're Not Caught Up, Get It Together on Netflix

If catching up is more of what you're after, then good ol' Netflix is the way to go. Season 6 was just added this month, so now you have no excuse not to be caught up. If you're looking for Season 7, however, you're in the wrong place.

Image: Michael Yarish/AMC; (GIF)