When Will These Two Officially Be Parents?

by Anam Syed

She may be presenting on the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday, but Mila Kunis is well on her way to taking a break to play mom. Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher's baby finally has an expected delivery date. Looks like Jersey Shore's Snooki, who recently said she'd love a play date with the That '70s Show stars' offspring, can pencil in a day on her calendar.

The just-sort-of-going-for-it couple's baby is set to be born in September. Though the longtime friends turned couple have been rather private about their speedy engagement and pregnancy, a baby bump was visible during the actress's Two and A Half Men appearance. The future Mrs.Kutcher has been rocking her new mama-to-be glow all over red carpets including her recent CinemaCon appearance with Jupiter Ascending co-star Channing Tatum. We can't wait to see what sort of stylish pregnancy fashion Kunis will grace at the MTV Movie Awards red carpet this year. With her new impending mommyhood, we're guessing she won't be getting as frisky as she did with Justin Timberlake while presenting at the 2011 ceremony, despite the hunkiness of her Jupiter co-star.

While there's no doubt mommy is beyond stylish, what's in store for junior Kunis-Kutcher? Here are our suggestions for what this new celebtastic bundle of joy could sport come summertime.

1. Beach Swan

While the newborn may be too young to hit the waves, it can still sport some ballet-inspired swimwear by French outfit Leoca. (via Makie Clothier)

2. That '70s Baby

This vintage sailor romper will fit right in if the couple ever decide to don their Jackie and Kelso duds again. (via Etsy)

3. Sparkles Ascending

While there's a ton of interplanetary adventure in her new film, Kunis' baby can wage its own imaginary intergalactic saga with these glittery silver kicks. They're basically moon shoes. (via TOMS)

4. Globetrotting Romp

Kunis herself was born in the Soviet Union before her family emigrated to the U.S. This city namedropping romper would be the perfect way to celebrate her and her baby's multinational heritage. ( via American Apparel)

5. iBaby

While the jury's still out on the film's portrayal, this onesie would be a perfect nod to papa Kutcher's role as Apple's inspirational Steve Jobs. (via Snugfits)