'The Other Woman' Isn't Kate Upton's First Time On The Big Screen — See What Else She's Been In

She may be new at the whole acting thing, but this bombshell is not completely unfamiliar to the big screen. So what else has Kate Upton been in?

The Other Woman is primed to be a new favorite movie among girlfriends and Upton is taking another step into the world of Hollywood. Even though the film looks to be just an adult-version of John Tucker Must Die (they even have another "adding estrogen to his drink" ruse in this film), the chemistry between Upton, Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann seems to be pretty great in the trailers. The three co-stars are presenting at the MTV Movie Awards this Sunday, and we'll get to see how good that chemistry is first hand.

It seems like Upton is learning slowly and surely how to use her good looks to her advantage when it comes to the movies. The Sports Illustrated model's film debut was a cameo role in the Ben Stiller comedy Tower Heist as Mr. Hightower's Mistress.

She landed a bigger supporting role in the remake of The Three Stooges playing Sister Bernice, a nun at the orphanage where the Stooges were raised and where they work at the beginning of the film. Upton's second film came with controversy as she was supposed to appear in a scene where she walked around a pool in a "nun-kini." The scene was considered "anti-Catholic" and had to be reshot by the Farrelly Brothers.

Yeah, I'm not even Catholic and even I'm a little weirded out by this.

Now, Upton's silver screen work in the past never really seemed... of the greatest quality. But that doesn't mean she isn't getting better. With the help of the comedic stylings of Diaz and the hilarious Mann, Upton's performance will most likely be elevated. Plus, it's nice to see that she is willing to make fun of her swimsuit model stereotypes in The Other Woman's trailer. If she continues to do more that just rest on her looks, there's no reason Upton can't be something of a comedian one day. Her Other Woman co-star Diaz has done it pretty damn well.

Image: Vettri.net (GIF)