The Royal Baby Is Coming, But These People Don't Care, As They'll Tell You Often on Twitter

UPDATE: The royal baby has been born!

EARLIER: Kate Middleton is currently in labor at St. Mary's Hospital, where she was admitted in the early morning hours of Monday. If you didn't know this news, then, clearly, you haven't been on any social media network this morning.

The news is blowing up Twitter, with media and fans celebrating, speculating, and no doubt planning their creepy fan art. Still, as a poll from the Pew Research Center proved, only 60 percent of Americans have said they're following Middleton and Prince William's royal baby news. As for the other 40 percent? They simply do not care about the royal baby, as they will tell you regularly with tweets about the royal baby. But, no, they do not care.

And, finally, model Chrissy Teigen sums up what's really going on here: