Horror Movie 'Indigenous' Will Ruin Your Summer Vacation Plans — VIDEO

One of the most talked about films premiering at the upcoming Tribeca Film Festival is Indigenous, a horror film about a vacation gone horribly, gruesomely wrong. Five American friends travel to Panama for an exotic getaway, and when they take an excursion to a waterfall in the jungle, they become prey to the legendary Chupacabra. So if you have a tropical, all-inclusive resort booked, you might not want to watch the just-released trailer for Indigenous .

Following in the footsteps of horror mega-hits The Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity, Indigenous features first person camera work. It's shaky, up-close and absolutely terrifying. The sounds that come shrieking out of the monster are enough to give you nightmares. We get glimpses of the creature in the minute-long trailer, and that's plenty for me ah-thank-you-very-much.

Indigenous stars a handful of newcomers, who, if the movie lives up to its hype, will soon be seen all over the big screen. The chilling, stuff-of-nightmares features Zachary Soetenga, Lindsey McKeon, Pierson Fode, Sofia Pernas, Laura Penuela, and Juanxo Villaverde. The film is also directed by Alastari Orr whose only other directing credit is another horror film, Expiration from 2011. It looks like Indigenous is about to launch a lot of careers.

Take a first look at what will surely be the movie keeping you up at night and out of the water this summer:

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Image: Deadline Hollywood/YouTube