Kate Middleton & Royal Baby Immortalized In the Creepiest, Most Delicious Way Possible

It's happening! It's alllll happening. News broke early this morning that Kate Middleton is in labor, and after a weekend spent refreshing our Duchess Catherine search on our iPhones, to know that the royal baby is officially on the way is as exciting for the U.K. as it is for our tendentious. Unfortunately, Prince William and Kate's child is taking its time, so the great Kate wait continues.

But the great cake wait? It's over.

A baker in Houston, Texas has designed and executed Cake Middleton, a life-size, edible replica of the Duchess and her baby. Standing 5'6" and weighing in at 200 pounds, the royal dessert is made of a dense lemon pound cake, Rice Krispie treats, amaretto frosting, and white chocolate fondant. (For the record, the real Kate stands at 5'10" and weighs significantly less than two hundo. She is, however, also made of sugar and spice and everything nice.)

A team of eight built the H.R.H. treat to display at a local bridal expo since, you know, everyone loves Kate Middleton and everyone loves cake. They're even in contact with Kensington Palace to see if they'd want Cake Middleton shipped to London, which, hmm. The bakers might be overlooking one small fact.

Cake Middleton is creepy as hell and no one wants that in their living room.