Garment District Mainstay M&J Trimmings Launches Subscription-Based DIY Packages

If you ever interned or assisted a clothing label/accessory designer/fashion magazine in New York, chances are you’ve run back and forth (and back and forth) from M&J Trimmings in the Garment District a time or two. While there, you probably marveled at the walls of ribbons, buttons, Swarovski, beads, and other embellishments, wishing there were enough time to drop everything and start crafting on the spot.

This store was made for DIY. M&J Trimming already has a DIY section on its blog, so the next logical step — and so on-trend I might add — is a DIY project mailed straight to you via a monthly subscription service. My former-intern self is doing a little dance in my head.

Though the $30 per month service doesn’t launch until August 5, signing up on their website in the mean time will bring details on the countdown straight to your inbox — and the Swarovski and ribbon (and project instructions) will soon follow. The kit will have everything you need to make the accessory of the month, courtesy of the company’s in-house jewelry designers. Everything is inspired by the runway and street style, so it’s sure to keep your own personal accessory closet au courant, on the cheap.

Here's hoping for the goods to make this Prada-esque necklace:

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Images: LIGHTFIELD STUDIOS/Fotolia; @mjtrimming on Instagram