5 Reasons We Need An Amanda Bynes TV Comeback, Stat

Amanda Bynes has had a weird couple of years, but not to fear, Bynesies: she is primed and ready to make a comeback . Her face has been absent from TV screens everywhere for far to long, and now she's getting it together , it's time she made a long overdue return to the the small screen, or the big screen, or any screen near my face.

Anyone who watched Nickelodeon as a kid was probably as obsessed with The Amanda Show as I was (still am). We've all grown up since then and gotten a little a older, and Amanda Bynes's case, a little weirder. Between the bong-throwing incident , awkward tweets to Drake , and super bizarre gym-selfies, things weren't looking good. Following her short-lived relationship with Seth MacFarland (why would anyone ever…?) she kind of waffled back and forth between completely falling off the face of the earth and resurfacing periodically in court. Wearing a wig. It seems like thing have been looking up for Amanda Bynes lately, which is great, because I need her back in my life and I think what the world needs right now is a little Bynes-action. Among other things.

She's hilarious

First of all, all jokes about her Twitter beef with Courtney Stodden and weird hairstyles aside, Amanda Bynes is and always has been hilarious. This girl had her own sketch comedy show on a major network when she was like, twelve! [Embed] Amanda Bynes is a comedy natural, and she's never been afraid to be a little weird. She's The Man and Easy A are also classic Bynes and showcase her abilities as a born comedian.

She's multi-talented

Movies, television, voiceover, Amanda Bynes can do it all. Now that she's in fashion school, will we get a clothing line? GIVE ME ALL THE AMANDA BYNES MERCHANDISE.

She knows what she's doing

Amanda Bynes has been doing movies and television since she was a kid, and she knows what the deal is in the entertainment industry. Sure, the media hasn't always been kind to her, and you could say that growing up on TV may not have been the healthiest way her to spend her childhood, but she seems to be taking charge of her life and career and making some positive changes like throwing her bong away, and not directly at people.

She's adorable

Amanda Bynes is so pretty! She can wear fifty weird wigs to court, and I'll still love her. She's got that classic, cute girl-next-door look and that makes her super versatile and ready for any role, ever.

She's the best friend you never had but always wanted

It seems like Jennifer Lawrence is the resident girl-I-wish-was-my-best-friend in Hollywood right now, but Amanda Bynes was the original. She's a little weird, a little offbeat, and seems like a generally nice person. Who should have her own show again. Can Hollywood get on that? Bynesies FOR LYFE.