H&M + Alexander Wang Is Happening

Everyone's favorite Swedish fast fashion house has announced their next designer team-up — and it's exactly what you've been waiting for. WWD reports that Alexander Wang will be the next collaboration for H&M, making Wang the first American designer to work with the house. It solidifies his status as a major trendsetter worldwide. (And we get to reap the benefits.)

H&M's creative advisor Margareta van den Bosch told Vogue UK,"[Wang] understands exactly what people want to wear and does it with an energy and passion that's infectious. It feels incredible to be collaborating with him this year." You can say that again.

The announcement came over the weekend during H&M’s Coachella festival party, which unbeknownst to party goers was also Alexander Wang's Coachella festival party (same party, different entrances). Once confused guests settled in, the official announcement was made and, we can assume, gallons of champagne were consumed. Well played, Mr. Wang.

Wang’s first-ever Instagram post accompanied the official announcement. The company’s two-year-old account had been completely inactive prior to Saturday, but Wang tells WWD that this news was the perfect way to launch the social property.

We've had Twitter and we've had Facebook. We've had an Instagram account for about two years now with no posts and we were really waiting for the right moment to do something with it and find the right project. We kept it going and it kind of accumulated followers without any posts and we thought, what a great idea for the first post to be this, so we did a really fun video.

The designer was tight-lipped about the actual collection, but did say his collaboration, which will include womenswear and menswear, will be approached in a different way than past collabs:

It's too early to say. There will be a new element of lifestyle offering that's a completely new way of approaching the collaboration, but it is too early to give away … For the tenth anniversary we wanted to approach this in our individual way. Time will tell how it unfolds.

Wang is accelerating to the top of the American design totem pole — and quickly. He has the jaw dropping talents of Marc Jacobs,he isn’t afraid to make waves for his vision like Tom Ford, and this new collab shows he has a money making mind of Michael “I’m a billionaire now” Kors.

I'm crushing hard over here and I'm not afraid to say it. Hold onto your seats until November 6, when the collection will debut.

Image: @alexanderwangny/Instagram