Drake Bell & Aaron Carter Slam Justin Bieber in Lame Video Because They're Just Trying to Stay Relevant — VIDEO

It looks like Drake Bell is still sipping that Bieber-flavored haterade. Bell hasn't been shy about sharing his less than complimentary thoughts about stars like Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga, Bieber in particular being alluded to as "young and entitled" as far as Bell is concerned. While he's recanted at least part of those statements, it seems he's been saving his real vitriol for Bieber. Well, vitriol is probably the wrong word. Bell seems to take Bieber about as seriously as a kitten in a bonnet, except no one hates a kitten in a bonnet. In fact, Bell and Aaron Carter teamed up to make fun of the Biebs when they were both trapped in an airport over the weekend.

Carter was suffering from a flight delay that would ultimately cause him to miss his brother Nick's wedding, but was utterly delighted to run into Bell. The two began tweeting each other, sharing photos of themselves on Instagram, and ragging on Justin Bieber. One of these things is not like the other. Then again, considering how often Justin Bieber comes up in Google, it's probably no surprise that he should come up about as often in conversation — especially with Bell, who kind of hates him.

How exactly Justin Bieber came up in conversation when the two were taking the best airport frat boy selfies in the history of airport frat boy selfies is a question for the ages, but it eventually culminated in Carter and Bell posting a video of themselves cheerfully poking fun at Bieber and his fans.

"Well, I mean, he's Justin Bieber. He's, like, the king of pop. He can do whatever he wants," said Bell with a expression of faux innocence when asked what he thought of Bieber driving around on baby seal tires. The video was a parody of Jimmy Kimmel's "Lie Witness News" skit from 2013, which featured young fans on the street being interviewed about their opinions on Justin Bieber.

Of course, Beliebers didn't take to the teasing very well and the video exploded with comments from fans defending Bieber and other fans defending Bell and Carter's right to make fun of Bieber. The argument escalated to the point where both Carter and Bell felt the need to speak up about it on Twitter. Bell pointed out the sketch that he and Carter had been parodying:

While Carter outright threw shade at the Belieber camp:

There are two things that can be taken away from the whole situation. First of all, Justin Bieber's celebrity hate club has just gained another member in Aaron Carter, who certainly seems to have the same problem with Bieber's angry fans that Drake Bell does. Considering what a busy weekend he's had, however, there's a good chance that Biebs hasn't called his fans off because he either doesn't know or doesn't care about a video made by these two "irrelevant" stars.

Second of all, Bell is definitely not hopping off the Bieber-hate parade any time soon. In fact, Bieber's fans seem pretty determined to try and prove his point every time he opens his mouth. Whether or not he should still be opening his mouth is a matter of debate, however. While it's somewhat refreshing to see a celebrity being honest about more than just which of their co-stars they love the most, Bell's dislike of Bieber kind of comes out of left field.

One thing's for sure. Carter and Bell probably wouldn't have caused so much fuss with their video if Bell hadn't started out throwing so much shade at Bieber to begin with. Watch the original Lie Witness News sketch below.


Image: Aaroncarter /Instagram