Kelly Osbourne Starts Paris Hilton Feud (Again!) Because Clearly She Has Nothing Better to Do

It's funny that Kelly Osbourne should revive her feud with Paris Hilton with the words "it's not 2005 no one cares!" Because it's not and no one does. If Osbourne is known for anything, it's the sheer amount of feuds she tends to get into with other celebrities, most of which were directly started by her. There was her fight with Lady Gaga over comments Osbourne made and a cake Gaga sent her, which has since been resolved. Before that, she attacked Christina Aguilera for comments she claimed Aguilera made about her weight. And before that, there was her feud with Paris Hilton in 2005. It seems Osbourne has come full circle, attacking Hilton Twitter once again.

Allegedly, Osbourne was hanging out in a VIP section at Coachella when Hilton approached. Instead of staying to hang out, Hilton is said to have turned around and left after calling Osbourne a bitch. The story is supported by the tweet that Osbourne sent out on Sunday at four in morning, in which she derided Hilton for her immature behavior and for, essentially, bringing up old stuff. Funnily enough, the tweet itself seemed like the perfect vehicle to bring up old stuff.

If the story has any truth to it, then it seems like a pretty minor offense for such a major action. After all, if Hilton was walking away from Osbourne, wouldn't it have been much easier to go after her and ask what that was all about instead of waiting to tweet about it later? What was the point of tweeting about it at all? It's not 2005 and everyone at Coachella seemed to have had a good time. Was that one little slight really such an overshadowing experience that it was still on Osbourne's mind as she reached for her phone?

Hilton herself doesn't seem to think she did anything at all. She took to her own Twitter this morning to kill the story:

In light of that, it's starting to seem more likely that Osbourne is just doing what she does best and looking for attention. Her former feuds with Gaga and Aguilera were all done in the most public way possible. She trashed Aguilera in interviews at every given opportunity and she tweeted angry messages to Gaga over a birthday cake, just because Gaga didn't hand it to her personally. Osbourne is one of those people who doesn't seem happy unless they're slamming somebody else and resolving things with Lady Gaga may have left some sort of void in her life that she needed to fill with another fight.

Of course, since Osbourne's tweet has yet to be deleted, it's clear she believes that something went down between the two of them at Coachella. What it is and why it matters are burning questions that no one wants the answer to.