Who's The Lady On That YouTube Commercial?

If you've been watching TV (and you have been because yesterday was Sunday), then you've probably noticed that YouTube has commercials now. This might have caused you to wonder whether You Tube always had commercials — Seriously, have they? I can't remember — but more importantly, you may have wondered about the woman starring in one the commercials that airs all the time. Have you caught yourself thinking, "Who is Michelle Phan and why is she on my TV?" Well, we're here to clear things up.

Michelle Phan is a makeup artist, or "makeup demonstrator" as Wikipedia describes her, who came to fame in 2007 when she started posting videos on YouTube to show off her expertise. Phan's makeup skills are truly impressive. She doesn't just show viewers how to apply makeup, she is able to complete transform her look into that of various celebrities and fictional characters. Of the nearly 300 videos she has uploaded, Phan has shown everything from natural makeup to Lady Gaga music video looks to the Halloween-appropriate "Zombie Barbie."

Since Phan gained success on YouTube, she has gone onto have many entrepreneurial endeavors including a makeup line with L'Oreal, her own YouTube network called FAWN (For All Women Network), and a beauty and lifestyle website, michellephan.com.

In the commercial, Phan says, "Makeup gives you the chance to express yourself and create any masterpiece you want or can dream up and become any person you want to be" while several of her impressive looks are shown.

Phan has over 6 million YouTube followers and starting with a simple video upload, has gone onto build an entire career. If there's anyone who should represent YouTube, it's her, so the site made an excellent choice using her for their commercials. Now we all know that YouTube is more than just a place to find "that sound you can't remember the name of."