Max Greenfield's 'Mindy Project' Cameo Will Finally Complete the Kaling, Pally Dream Team

Throughout its two-season run, The Mindy Project has had its share of big-name guest stars. From James Franco to Anna Gunn to Baron Davis and everyone in between, Mindy Kaling has landed all kinds of celebrities for her show and even with all that talent, the most exciting one might be a fellow Fox Tuesday night star. New Girl 's Max Greenfield will guest on Mindy this Tuesday and there's a good chance his episode will beat all those high-profile appearances. How? He'll be completing was has to be a comedy trifecta.

By appearing on Mindy, Greenfield is joining not just Kaling, but Adam Pally as well. Before joining the cast of Kaling as heartbroken bro Peter, Pally managed to stand out among the insanely talented Happy Endings cast (R.I.P.). As Peter, he's somehow able to be both disgusting and lovable at the same time and stand out among yet another very talented cast. Remind you of anyone? Maybe the ultimate sympathetic asshole, Schmidt? Like Pally, Greenfield has carved out a name for himself on New Girl, even when sharing the screen with the hilarious Zooey Deschanel, Jake Johnson, Lamorne Morris and Damon Wayans, Jr.

And wait a second, that reminds me of yet a third performer—Kaling. Sure, as the main, titular character and creator of Mindy she leads the series, but in her Office days she was part of a very large, comedically diverse ensemble. Yet she still stole scenes as the insane yet relatable Kelly Kapoor. Now as Mindy Lahiri, she's still very relatable and a little crazy.

Is there a more perfectly suited comedy team out there? Every week on Mindy, Kaling and Pally prove that they make a great pair, while Greenfield once appeared on Happy Endings as Pally's character's boyfriend, and they were a great match too.

In case you need even more proof, here's why Kaling, Pally and Greenfield are guaranteed to create a comedy dream team on this week's Mindy.

Pop Culture References Galore

Known To Eat Their Feelings

...And Drink Them

But Aren't Exactly Party People

They Aren't Afraid to Stand Up For Themselves

Sure, Though Their Lives Are A Mess

But We Love Them All The Same