Adam Pally's 'Mindy Project' Gig Starts Tonight & We're So Happy He's Back In Our Lives

Yes, we are still completely traumatized and heartbroken that ABC's former sitcom Happy Endings is dead and gone, thank you for asking. These are hard times for Happy Endings fans, but we have one piece of solace to guide us through: The cast seems to be absolutely everywhere. Damon Wayans Jr. is returning as a guest on New Girl and getting his own sitcom, Casey Wilson's executive producing one on ABC with friend June Diane Raphael, and Adam Pally makes his The Mindy Project debut tonight, in which he will be a series regular.

Pally performed at UCB before (and in tandem with) his run on the deceased but beloved Happy Endings, is part of "Hot Sauce" (with Parks and Rec's Ben Schwartz), and sketch group "Chubby Skinny Kids." The dude's got comedy cred, and had Happy Endings survived (can you tell we're bitter?), we're pretty sure his portrayal of schlubby gay guy Max would have been canonized as the iconic role that it was.

In honor of Max, Happy Endings, The Mindy Project, and the surely long and riotous career Pally has ahead of him, we've compiled some of our favorite Max Blum moments.

Remember when he blurred the line between human and bear?

classicalGass17 on YouTube

Max tries to retire from gay, fails miserably:

Happy Endings on YouTube

Bro dance:

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WASPing it up:

thirdculturek on YouTube

Mary Tyler Moore Tyler Moore Moore Moore:

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Max isn't in this scene, but he caused it, and for that we are grateful:

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Never, ever forget Boys II Menorah. Ever.

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ABC Television Network on YouTube