How to Get Your Post-'Good Wife' Josh Charles Fix

Have you recovered yet? Have the tears stopped flowing? Is the reality of the situation starting to sink in? We're ramping up to a major spoiler, here, if you couldn't tell. Yes, Will Gardner really is gone (and here's a handy guide on how to cope.) We may never forgive Josh Charles for leaving The Good Wife so abruptly — not to mention ending any hope of a second chance at an Alicia/Will romance — but that doesn't mean we'll forget him. The actor decided to leave CBS' acclaimed legal drama to pursue other opportunities. So what exactly has he been up to since Will was gunned down three weeks ago?

The day after his TV "death" aired, Charles made an appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman to discuss his departure. A week later, he also appeared on The Big Show with Keith Olberman, only this time it wasn't as Charles, but as alter ego Dan Rydell. Who is Dan Rydell, you ask? Aaron Sorkin fans will know him as the character Charles played for two seasons on the famed writer's beloved workplace comedy, Sports Night. That series, which predates The West Wing (it ran on ABC from 1998-2000), also starred the likes of Peter Krause (Parenthood), Felicity Huffman (Desperate Housewives) and Joshua Malina (Scandal). Fun fact: Sorkin based the character of Rydell on Olbermann himself, who was a wisecracking anchor on ESPN's SportsCenter at the time. So seeing Rydell and Olbermann sitting next to each other was very meta, to say the least.

Speaking of Sorkin, Charles' next appearance will be Tuesday night on Inside Amy Schumer, where he will be participating in a sketch called "The Food Room" — a parody of Sorkin's most recent show, HBO's The Newsroom. According to Schumer, Charles took a very active role in the creation of the segment. "He's hilarious, like, pitching amazing scenes. He totally helped craft that [sketch]," she said. And now we know the fast food restaurant that Schumer and Charles will be working at together successfully emulates the fast pace and witty banter that's so indicative of Sorkin's writing. Check out that perfect "walk and talk."

And lest Good Wife fans are too despondent, here's a piece of Good news: Charles will be back on the show in spirit, if not necessarily on screen. The actor is scheduled to slip into the director's chair later this season to helm two episodes of the show. This won't be his first time directing, either. He's already directed one episode this season ("The Next Month") and one last season ("The Art of War").

But knowing Charles is on set probably won't be enough for most fans. We need to see him again, dammit. Well, good thing he's got not one — not two — but three movies lined up. First up is Bird People, where he stars as an American who moves to Paris to start a new life (also featuring Radha Mitchell of Red Widow and Mathieu Almaric of Quantum of Solace). Next is Brother's Keeper, an indie film about a failed entrepreneur who moves in his with estranged, pregnant sister. Charles will be part of a stellar ensemble cast of television actors including Nick Kroll (Parks and Recreation), Rose Byrne (Damages), Bobby Cannavale (Boardwalk Empire), Joel McHale (Community), Jane Krakowski (30 Rock), and Bobby Moynihan (SNL). And finally, there's I Smile Back, an adaptation of a 2008 novel about an unbalanced suburban mother who falls into a destructive pattern of drugs and affairs. Smile will star Sarah Silverman in her dramatic debut, with Charles as her lover.

We know none of this will assuage your grief over Will's sudden death, but at least it's good to know that Charles' decision to leave The Good Wife for other opportunities was not in vain. The actor is keeping busy, and we can't wait to see him on our television screens again.

Images: ABC; Comedy Central