First 'Gone Girl' Poster Is Dark, Mysterious and Strange — Just Like the Book

How highly-anticipated must a movie be to warrant countless teases and sneak-peeks without actually revealing any information? Just a few days after the reveal of the trailer for its trailer (yes, that exists), Gone Girl 's first poster was released. Though it continues the tradition of revealing nothing substantial, overall the poster does a good job of conveying the book's tone—plus one strange detail.

That detail also happens to be the first thing you notice about the poster. Written down its left side In large blue letters are the words "You Don't Know What You've Got 'Til It's...," which immediately call to mind the oft-covered Joni Mitchell song "Big Yellow Taxi." It's a strange choice, but one that makes sense for the film. Not actually including the word "Gone," or the film's full title, make for a more dramatic, mysterious poster, and that tone is echoed in the accompanying image.

The text is laid over a picture of a boat on a lake under a grey sky, with a Fox News banner at the bottom detailing the event at the center of the film's narrative. "Search For 'Amazing Amy' Continues," it reads, followed by, "husband listed as primary suspect im ongoing Missouri missing person..." The vague poster works mainly because most people are at least somewhat aware of Gone Girl's plot, either from reading the Gillian Flynn novel it was based on or hearing everyone talk about it for so long.

It also perfectly mirrors the novel. It's a dark, twisting, surprising thriller. What's darker than a news report on a husband being suspected of murdering his wife? What's more surprising than combining that image with words reminiscent of a folk song?

Hopefully fans will have something more substantial to go on soon, like a real trailer, but for now, the poster proves that at the very least, the Gone Girl movie will reflect the book's unique tone. Check it out below.

Images: 20th Century Fox