'Game of Thrones' Creator George R.R. Martin's Actual Wedding Was Neither 'Red' Nor 'Purple'

Last night's Game of Thrones delivered one of the most anticipated deaths of the entire book and television series. (Major spoilers ahead). Finally, after three seasons of watching King Joffrey's unfathomable evil, he finally paid the price and was poisoned on his wedding day. Ding dong, the villain is dead! But don't start celebrating quite just yet, with Joffrey assassinated, we know a hellstorm of vengeance will be had by his mother Cersei Lannister.

It wasn't the first time the series featured a fatal wedding. Last night's "Purple Wedding," though gruesome, paled in comparison to last season's horrifying "Red Wedding." And despite Joffrey's cruelty, it seems Tyrion and Sansa's wedding has been the most pleasant nupitals so far..and that's not saying a lot.

Yeeeeeesh, Game of Thrones creator and Song of Ice and Fire author George R.R. Martin sure has a knack for changing the meaning of "Special Day." In fact, Martin's own wedding to longtime love Parris McBride had all the trappings of a Game of Thrones ceremony — goblets, axes, and lots of wine. Thankfully his was considerably less stabby. As Martin wrote of the wedding in his own blog, "On the evening of February 15, we finally made it official, and married in front of our hearth at our home here in Santa Fe. The hearth is Lannister red, but the bride wore Tyrell colors. Unlike most Westerosi weddings, no one was killed and only tears of joy were shed."

Well, that is certainly a relief. Though I'm not so sure how I'd feel about having axes over my head on my wedding day. But hey, every couple has their thing. The evening consisted of a small, intimate wedding in their living room followed by a feast at the couple's favorite steakhouse...wait, that actually sounds like the best wedding ever.

The bride wo...Put down the chalace, man! HAVE YOU LEARNED NOTHING!? In any case, here's wishing Martin and McBride only the happiest of times together — like that time in Game of Thrones when...wait...no...nothing peaceful or joyous ever really happens in that show that aren't related to murder. At least in their wedding Lannister and Tyrell were harmonius. Cheers, you crazy kids!

Image: RandellChris/Twitter