Aaron Paul's Coachella Photobomb Ruled The Fest

by Rachel Semigran

Ah Coachella, you neon-clad, headband-loving, sunburn inducing dream (or nightmare, depending on your feelings toward over-priced music festivals). Leave it to Aaron Paul to steal the spotlight from every headlining artist and nudist twirling with a hula hoop simply by being Aaron Paul. The Breaking Bad star photobombed a lucky couple as they were smiling amidst a sea of sweaty concert-goers. Naturally the pair posted the photo on Reddit, because they knew the world needed it, and the world upvoted,

It's not the first time Paul made a stellar appearance in someone else's moment. Just take the time he photobombed co-star and best friend Bryan Cranston on the Emmy's Red Carpet. Or that time he snapped a photo with Bill Murray and Rob Thomas at a Kings of Leon Concert. Needless to say, Aaron Paul finds the things he loves and just inserts himself in them. Be it great acting roles or other people's special moments. Swoon.

Also, let this photobomb also be a lesson to the handful of people in the picture who are standing around and mindlessly texting while greatness is going on around them. You've spent hundreds of dollars to be at this festival and you are neither watching the show nor are you paying attention to the fact that Aaron Freakin' Paul is standing right next to you! Youths!

And for good measure:

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Image: PropagandaClub/Twitter