'Southern Charm': Whitney Sudler-Smith Tells Thomas Ravenel About His History With Kathryn Dennis

After the debacle that was Thomas Ravenel’s Glass Menagerie dinner party, the Southern Charm cast was left wondering who was telling the truth: Craig Conover or Kathryn Dennis? Did Kathryn hook up with three of the men at the dinner table, per Craig’s accusations? Or was Craig just flapping his gums and spreading rumors because he'd taken Kathryn's rejection poorly? The rest of the cast seemed to lean more Team Craig than Team Kathryn. Except for T-Rav, that is.

During Monday night's ep, T-Rav says he trusts Kathryn’s side of the story (i.e., believes that she didn’t sleep with Whitney Sudler-Smith), but also remarks on the double standard (the dudes can hook up with whoever whenever, whereas the ladies are slut shamed for doing the same. Which, yup. High five, T-Rav). So it sorta seems like he cares less about whether or not she slept with Whitney, and more about her being honest with him. Ya know, because they are getting serious, and honesty is important.

Just how serious are they getting? During Monday night's ep, T-Rav meets Kathryn’s family. That serious. After the Dennis family dinner, T-Rav and Kathryn’s dad go into the study and have a one-on-one conversation. And yes, as you probably guesstimated, T-Rav and Kathryn's dad are only a few years apart in age. Kathryn's dad says he and Kathryn are good friends, T-Rav comments on what "good stock" she comes from, and both men seem happy with one another. I... okay. I am going to leave the convo be. T-Rav says the conversation assuages any fears he had regarding Kathryn’s intentions.

Just because T-Rav feels chill about Kathryn doesn't mean the other Charmers do. They suspect she hooked up with Whitney, is only after T-Rav for his money, et cetera. It's a little awk, to say the least. So much tension. There's only one option in a sitch like this: GROUP VAYCAY TIME!

The cast visits Shep Rose's family's remote farm cabin (for a pig chase adventure, natch). During said trip, T-Rav and Kathryn have a heart-to-heart. And then, T-Rav and Whitney have a heart-to-heart. Whitney, who "wants the best for [T-Rav]," tells him he did hook up with Kathryn. And so it is. While Craig's intent and delivery was pretty crappy, he might've been speaking the truth at the dinner party after all:

Aaaand the news shocks T-Rav.

During last week's ep, Patricia Altschul had said she'd seen Kathryn hanging out in their kitchen one morning. Two plus two equals Kathryn and Whitney totally hooked up, right? So Whitney's reveal isn't that big of a surprise to us viewers, right?

Next week, T-Rav tells Kathryn what Whitney said. Aaaaand it looks like Kathryn says Whitney's full o' it:

HM. Whatever the truth may be, it seems like it wasn't enough to drive a wedge between the two: T-Rav and Kathryn might still be a thing. You know the saying: If you can get through one of your mutual friends putting both of you on blast at a formal dinner, you can get through anything!

P.S. I've gotta say, there was not enough Patricia this week. Fear not, next week shows promise. Why yes, I AM looking forward to Patricia's visit to Whitney's new abode. Thanks for asking!

P.P.S. NEXT WEEK IS THE FINALE?! KIDDING ME?! And to think, I was just getting comfy.

Image: Bravo